The Depression & Anxiety Battle

September is National Suicide Prevention Month. September 10th was World Suicide Prevention Day and the beginning of Suicide Prevention Week. I had intentions of having this post up before the 10th…but life just gets in the way sometimes. As someone that battles depression and anxiety, this topic weighs very heavy on my heart. The main [...]

Look What You Made Me Do

I think I’m part of the minority when I say this…but I am absolutely obsessed with Taylor Swift’s new song. Yes, it’s definitely a different Taylor—but why does that have to be a bad thing? I love the central theme behind the song….letting go and forgetting about the things of the past. It’s a lesson [...]

Sarahah & Cyberbullying: My Experience

Sarahah took the social media world by storm a few weeks ago. While it has already seemed to fade out, it seemed to cause a bit of controversy. Many loved it, many hated it. I was one of those haters. My initial reaction was that it was just another way to cyberbully people. I watched [...]