DSC_0001-Edit-1Hello, loves. Thanks for joining me here!

My name is Mary Ann, but a lot of people call me MA. Fun fact: My middle name is actually Ann, but I go by Mary Ann. That confuses people a lot and I think it’s hilarious.

I’m 24 years old, born and raised in good ol’ Missouri. Originally from the STL burbs, but currently residing in a town called Springfield, in SW Missouri.

I love Jesus and people. There’s a lot more things about this world that I enjoy, but I know I’m here on this Earth to follow Jesus, and to love people. I could leave it at that…but what’s the fun in that?

Here’s a couple more things I thought you might like to know:

  • My most recent Myers Briggs Score is ESFP. But that’ll probably change next week.
  • My top 2 official love languages are quality time & words of affirmation. I also consider pizza to be a love language…it’s very nourishing to my soul.
  • I battle depression & anxiety on the daily. But they do not define me. Some days they kick my ass, but other days I kick theirs.
  • I love social media. It’s my platform for sharing my heart and connecting with others. But, I will admit that I do spend too much time on my phone.

I have a story to tell. I have a passion to love and serve others. I believe my words can make an impact. So, here I am.

Welcome. Thank you for sharing in this journey with me.

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