A New Adventure!

A new adventure is about to begin in the City of Fountains.

I have exciting news to share!

I am moving to Kansas City in a few weeks to start a new position with my current company, Preferred Family Healthcare, as a Community Support Specialist! I’ll be working at the Liberty, MO Adolescent Outpatient.

I’ve been struggling with being in constant transition lately, and I know this change is sudden but it is so welcomed. It is all God. He has given me an overwhelming amount of peace this year during all of my change, as well as the peace that this new chapter is designed entirely by Him and He sees me (ME! Crazy?) fit for this journey. And as an added bonus, this story contains a couple of full circle moments.

So, here we go. If you’ve ever interacted with me on any level, you’ll know that my heart gets overwhelmed and I struggle with words sometimes so I will do my best to to not be all over the place as I share with you.

On November 10th 2016, I resigned from my position with Cherish Kids at James River in Springfield. On November 10th 2017, I accepted the new job in Kansas City. FULL CIRCLE.

I spent my freshman year of college in Liberty at William Jewell, and when I transferred to Missouri State..part of my heart hoped that I would end up back in Kansas City someday. I’ll be working in Liberty. FULL CIRCLE.

For those of you that don’t know, I was fired from my job with Burrell in Springfield at the end of July. I had worked there for almost 3 years. I had already planned to move to St. Louis after feeling called back, but this loss pushed up my timeline. Shortly after moving back, The Lord led my love, Josh, to Kansas City for an incredible job. While becoming a long distance couple once again sucked, I had that sweet feeling inside my soul that I would end up in Kansas City again soon.

I wasn’t planning on job searching in KC for another month or so, but when I saw this position I was very interested in open up, and I knew I couldn’t miss the opportunity. I love working for a company that offers job advancement even though I’m lame and have yet to finish my degree.

When I chose to transfer from William Jewell, in 2012 I was unsure of where my future was headed. But God provided. He led me to Missouri State, which eventually (because I suck and chose to party for a couple years and leave Jesus on the back burner) led me to my home at James River…which led me to my internship and then my position with Cherish Kids.

When I left my job at James River, I was lost and unsure of what was next. But God provided.  I was immediately able to obtain a full time position with Burrell once again, but knew that was only just a season. Although, it was not in my plans to be fired, I learned a lot from that shocking experience.After being fired and beginning my transition back…I was lost, heartbroken, and unsure of what was next. But God has provided.

And now, I have the incredible opportunity to move to Kansas City. He always provides and has the best plans. FULL CIRCLE. The last 2 years have been hard. This life journey hasn’t been easy. But God has always provided, and I am eternally grateful.(Anyone else think of Toy Story with that line?)

I’m glad He is calling me back…and double glad that I get to be on this journey with the love of my life. I begin my new CSS position on November 27th! I am so excited for this new chapter in my life and can’t wait to see what the Lord has for me in Kansas City.

And don’t worry:

You can take the girl outta St. Louis, but you can’t take St. Louis outta the girl.

The best is yet to come!

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