When Our World Stops

Sometimes our world just stops. Have you ever experienced one of those moments?

Time stands still.  Nothing else in the world matters at that point. It’s in these moments when we are reminded of what truly matters. We sit in our emotions and wonder what is going to happen next. We cry, we pray, we love. We figure out our next steps. I’ve had a couple of those moments just this week.

  • The news of the church shooting in Texas rocked my heart. I can’t comprehend the violence in our world sometimes. What happened to mess up that 26 year old’s heart so much? In these events I always wonder if society could have prevented it someway.
  • I found out Monday morning that an internet friend of mine lost her husband of 9 days on Sunday night. He was murdered in front of her. My heart broke. I couldn’t even speak words to pray…all I could do was weep for her. I later found out that one of the suspects is only 15 years old. I love teenagers fiercely, but there aren’t adequate words to describe how much my heart hurts for that kid now.
  • I saw yesterday that another internet friend of mine packed up her 2 teenage children and left her abusive husband. They’re living in a shelter now. She has less than $50 to her name because he controlled everything. I had no words to her post in a FB group other than “I’m hella fucking proud of you right now.” My heart breaks for her and her kids….they deserve so much better.

In the time that follows when our world stops, we have to figure out how to move on. Our world will start turning again. Life has changed drastically for my 2 friends…but they are still chugging along. I believe the Lord is going to use those stories to bring light, hope, and change. I’ve experienced many life changing moments of my own…and I’ve always believed even in the midst of my pain, that the Lord will bring glory through the struggle.

The enemy doesn’t get to win here.

We win. Love gets to win. Hope gets to win. Joy gets to win.

It’s been beautiful and amazing to watch love pour out this week for my friends. They are being loved and supported from people all over the country. Hope is a beautiful thing. If you are interested in loving and supporting these women in some way, please reach out to me and I will get you connected with those who are coordinating efforts.

Go in peace, friends. Give a loved one an extra hug. Smile at a stranger. Reach out to an old friend. We all need a little bit of extra love in our lives.  

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