Look What You Made Me Do

I think I’m part of the minority when I say this…but I am absolutely obsessed with Taylor Swift’s new song. Yes, it’s definitely a different Taylor—but why does that have to be a bad thing?

I love the central theme behind the song….letting go and forgetting about the things of the past. It’s a lesson we all need to take into account. Taylor definitely went into savage mode with her lyrics and music video…but it was evident that she is no longer allowing herself to be held back. Many people have said that her saying “look what you made me do” is her just blaming other people for her problems and actions. While it is true that no one can actually make us do anything, I understand where she’s coming from.

If people tell you that you’re not good enough or you’re not worth it….you’ll eventually believe them.

If you keep getting called a bitch…then you’re eventually going to take on the bitch mindset.

If a trusted “friend” airs your dirty laundry….you’ll believe that you truly can’t trust anyone.

I feel like I live in the old Taylor’s shoes. While Taylor and I are completely different people and have been through completely different things, I understand her struggle & desire to shed off the skin and wholly become a new person. To Jesus Juke this song, when we are baptized—we are a new creation when we come up from the water. While I will always love the old MA—because no matter where I’ve been or what I’ve been through, it’s all part of my testimony—I don’t want to be her anymore. Just like Taylor wants the old Taylor to stay dead.

It’s in the past. It happened. You’ve been there. We’ve all been there.

It’s time to move forward. Let’s take our history and use it to not only impact our present, but our future as well.

While I have yet to dive into the big things on my heart about my life to share, they’re coming.

I’m the new MA, but she has a story to share about the old. Be like Taylor and I—embrace it, and don’t allow yourself any longer to be defined by the old. Look what you made me do….to me it means: you made me better, stronger, and wiser than I’ve ever been.

Thank you, old MA. You’ll always be part of my story.


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